The Hygienists

Visits to the hygienist are not just about having your teeth cleaned. Keeping your gums healthy is your best insurance against future tooth loss. Unfortunately, even with the most diligent home dental care, some susceptible people can still develop periodontal disease. Once the disease gets started, professional intervention is necessary to prevent its progress.

Although hygienist therapy is primarily allied to Periodontics and fundamental to that aspect of Specialist care, the hygienist's role in supporting patients prior to and during Implant therapy is very significant. Hygienist therapy, whether as part of Periodontal care or in preparation for or support of other specialised treatment should only be regarded as a supplement to home care by the patient. Reliance on the hygienist, rather than the toothbrush and other appropriate cleaning aids, rarely brings success! However there are accepted patterns of care for different needs which, under the guidance of the Dentist, dictates the level of hygienist support you may expect to be offered.



Victoria Kempster EDH

GDC Number: 4586

Victoria trained in Dental hygiene at Newcastle Dental Hospital in 1994, where she was also awarded the Oral B Dental Hygienist Prize. She has experience of working with Specialist Practitioners, which enables her to support the wide range of services that we at Mount Vernon Dental Group offer.
Victoria is married to an NHS Dental Consultant and has two children.


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