Endodontics ( root canal treatment)

(As well as local anaesthetics, we can also arrange conscious sedation for nervous patients)

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Endodontics is the field of dentistry that deals with  the treatment of a damaged or necrotic pulp in a tooth to allow the tooth to remain functional. Root-canal treatment is necessary when the vital blood supply of the tooth is affected either by trauma or bacterial damage and this has lead to a throbbing tooth-ache or painful dental abscess.

The purpose of root-filling is to allow the tooth to remain functional and restorable, especially where extraction would leave cosmetic problems or compromise existing bridges, crowns or dentures.

Following completion of a root-filling, the tooth usually requires a subsequent restoration, often a crown or similar cast restoration.

Fee Guide

TreatmentFee (£)
Consultation (excl. radiographs) 90
Single Canal - Incisor / Canine 575
Two Canals - Premolar 685
Three or more canals - Molar 785
Surgery from 750
Complex re-treatment may require additional time and therefore incur higher fees.

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