Case of Interest 1


Over the past decade, one of the biggest challenges in implant dentistry has been the development of peri-implant gingival aesthetics, particularly in the anterior maxillary region. Implant restorations present a unique challenge compared to natural teeth.  A harmonious gingival architecture is required around the implant restoration and the surrounding dentition. An aesthetic implant provisional restoration is also a critical component for evaluating and modifying the tissues surrounding an implant.

Dr. Emiliano Zanaboni’s excellence as an implant surgeon and in particular his expertise in augmentation of the soft and hard tissues has been recognised nationally and internationally.  The following case study is a good example of the expertise and surgical time required to obtain superlative outcomes in the aesthetic zone. Two surgical procedures were carried out by Emiliano in order to preserve the papilla between UL2 and UL3.  Inevitably, achieving a highly aesthetic result incurs higher costs than a straight-forward implant.

The UL2 is hopeless after several apicectomies.  Now a fistula is present on the buccal.  UL3 has cervical decay under the soft tissue and apically to the mucogingival line.

Initial presentation

    View of the bone defect UL2 after raising a flap

    Occlusal view of the U-shaped bone defect  

   Occlusal view of the implant after bone and soft tissue grafting                                                                            

    Buccal view of the final implant crown. Cervical decay still present UL3

        After the removal of the decay UL3


Connective tissue graft after a composite filling UL3


Healing after the connective tissue graft


Front view of the UL2 Implant and of the UL3 after the the composite filling

Case of Interest 2

Recession and Severe Inflammation


Radiograph Shows Severe Bone Loss 


Surgery Shows Severe Bone Loss 


Result After Periodontal Surgery

Case of Interest 3

Interdisciplinary treatment of a complex case: 8-­‐year follow-­‐up by Dr EmilianoZanaboni. Click HERE to download the PDF (18Mb file size)

Case of Interest 4

Before Gum Grafting    


After Gum Grafting

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